Our Services

HOME WATCH is a visual inspection of a home or property, looking for obvious issues.

Each owner’s property is unique in its own way. As a result, each report will be tailored to fit the individual property. Overall, the intent of the visit and report is to mitigate risk by looking for obvious issues and save the owner’s money in the long term if a problem is identified.


Exterior Inspection Points Examples

    • Roof (visual observation from the ground)
    • Gutters/downspouts (if part of the property)
    • Soffits (visual observation from the ground)
    • Doors and windows (signs of vandalism)
    • Exterior walls (signs of animal/insect intrusion)
    • Outside AC condenser,
    • Pool/Pool Equipment/Pool Enclosure (if part of the property)
    • Walk lawn area looking for issues of erosion, water leakage from irrigation or drainage issues
    • Check exterior lights are operable to name just a few.

Interior Inspection Points Examples

    • Major systems
      • HVAC to ensure correct temperature and humidity levels are achieved as well as checking the condensate line and overflow pan
      • Electrical panel checking for any tripped breakers
      • Plumbing to include the water heater, running the sinks, showers/tubs and toilets (looking for leaks)
    • Checking for mold/unusual odors or stains at windows, doors, ceilings and walls
    • Looking for intrusions of either humans, insects, or pests
    • Run the short cycle for the washer and dishwasher
    • Ensure the security system if available has power
    • Test the smoke detectors
    • Check light bulbs for interior lights as an example.

Other Available Services (available only for registered clients)

    • Supervised Access – meet and stay with contractors completing work
    • Home Entry/Lockup – meet contractors to allow access for completing work
    • Pre-storm and Post Storm Observations
    • Key holder service
    • Package delivery acceptance
    • Emergency response after alarm/police response
    • Emergency Services at request of registered client
    • Put garbage/recycle bins out and secure after pickup

Concierge Services (available only for registered clients)

    • Opening Service for the season
    • Closing Service for the season
    • Grocery Shopping and stocking